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UPDATE:  We are overwhelmed with your response to this promo!  Thanks to everyone who availed this FUNtastic Deal 🙂 Watch out for our next photo booth fun promos!

ADVISORY: We have been receiving inquiries from buyers of other group buying sites regarding Fotoloco’s deal. Please be advised that Fotoloco is only offering its FUNtastic Deal promo exclusively for the Fotoloco Facebook fanpage community:  Thanks!

As part of Fotoloco’s upcoming 5th Anniversary, we’re excited to announce Fotoloco’s Anniversary FUNtastic Deal!  Enjoy a whopping 50% off Fotoloco’s Fun Prints Photo Booth + Event Photography Package for your party!  Here’s what you get when you avail of this FUNtastic Deal: Read more

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Just a few days ago came the shocking news that Steve Jobs has passed away. Soon, the tributes and accolades from all over followed. On Apple‘s site, a single portrait photo of him was posted, and would soon be re-posted in countless other sites. Black and white, with Jobs simply looking at the camera, it is said to be Jobs’ favorite photo. Read more

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Is there a secret to happiness?  No secret, just a few time-tested habits, according to Marc and Angel’s blog.  Our favorites:  Smile more often.  Make time for fun.  Savor the joy of simple pleasures:

Make time for fun. – Fun is way underrated.  With all of our responsibilities, fun seems like an indulgence.  It shouldn’t be.  It should be a requirement.  Ponder what you did to have fun when you were younger and go do it again.  Leave the yard unmowed for a weekend and get out on the town.  When you’re older, you will remember the fun, not the freshly mowed yard.

We think so, too.  When we’re older, as we look at our old photos and mementos, we will remember the fun moments we’ve shared with family and friends.  Cheers to fun and deciding to be happy!

Your thoughts.  What’s your favorite happiness habit?  We’d love to hear your own 🙂

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It has happened before. (Thankfully, not to us). By some mysterious work of science and what-have-you, the precious photos you’ve stored in your memory card just can’t be found. You sit dumbfounded, then panic strikes in. What to do now?

One of our fave photography book authors, Scott Kelby, shares in his blog his own heartbreak of losing a full memory card.  He later shares what his pal, Brad, used to recover the memory card.

Your thoughts. Have you lost your memory card with all your images in it?  How were you able to recover it?