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A photo booth really brings on the fun to a party.  Celebrity parties included 🙂

Check out these photos of actors and actresses hamming it up in the Vanity Fair photo booth during its annual Oscars Party.  Can you tell who they are?

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Can you beat that pose? 🙂

Want to see more? Take a look at the other Vanity Fair photo booth photos in the Vanity Fair site.

Disclaimer: Though we would’ve loved to, these photos were not taken by Fotoloco. Just wanted to share these fun photos with you guys. But we betcha you can also feel like a celebrity with your winning Oscar pose in our Fotoloco photo booth 🙂

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Is there a secret to happiness?  No secret, just a few time-tested habits, according to Marc and Angel’s blog.  Our favorites:  Smile more often.  Make time for fun.  Savor the joy of simple pleasures:

Make time for fun. – Fun is way underrated.  With all of our responsibilities, fun seems like an indulgence.  It shouldn’t be.  It should be a requirement.  Ponder what you did to have fun when you were younger and go do it again.  Leave the yard unmowed for a weekend and get out on the town.  When you’re older, you will remember the fun, not the freshly mowed yard.

We think so, too.  When we’re older, as we look at our old photos and mementos, we will remember the fun moments we’ve shared with family and friends.  Cheers to fun and deciding to be happy!

Your thoughts.  What’s your favorite happiness habit?  We’d love to hear your own 🙂